Page comments I have looked into the presumptive and confirmatory testing for blood extensively. Some of the flaws were obvious, but others were quite subtle. Professor Boettcher wrote a paper that was published in 1988 on countercurrent immunoelectrophoresis that falls into the latter category. Somewhat counterintuitively for most of us who are not immunochemists, contamination of antibodies can sometime be observed at low but not not high concentration of antigen. Professor Ouchterlony wrote a paper on this case in 1987, the closing passages of which discuss the problem of wrongful conviction due to faulty forensics: "My own interest for the case, to begin with attracted by the serology involved, has extended to thoughts about certain flaws in the forensic system concerning the transfer of scientific information. In that precinct law and science are at present living in a marriage of inconvenience which in the Chamberlain case miscarried. If we are going to serve justice properly with our information a radical change of the Rules of Court should be requested.” Wed, 25 Jan 2017 23:29:49 +0000 Christopher Halkides