60 Minutes Poll - the Outcome!

Posted by Barbara Etter APM on 18 March 2013 | 2 Comments

Last night, after the conclusion of the story, 60 Minutes ran a poll asking the question "Should Sue Neill-Fraser have been convicted?". The outcome was that 74% of the viewers answered "No", that she should not have been convicted.  Checking this morning, at around 7.55 am on 18 March 2013, there have been 1,423 votes cast with 79% now of the view that Sue should not have been convicted. This is despite the very balanced report which raised negative issues and aired police views on the case. There has also been 452 comments on the 60 Minutes Facebook page, which would seem like a huge response.


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  • The Sixty Minutes story was just over 18 minutes long. The court case lasted weeks. Do you think the program realistically gave a proper analysis of the evidence in that time John. The answer is simple "No". The jury had all the facts to take into account not an 18 minute summary.

    Posted by John Dodd, 21/03/2013 6:44pm (5 years ago)

  • Got me beat how a jury looked past reasonable doubt and found her guilty. I was listening to the description of how she apparently hit him in the back of the head twice with a wrench - the wife and I looked at each other incredulously - TWICE? Not three times? How could they possibly know this? Then the body was weighed down with a fire extinguisher? How could they know that? Its just story time. And then she threw the body in the DERWENT - not even at high sea but the river and the body hasn't surfaced?? REALLY???? There is reasonable doubt everywhere

    Posted by John, 18/03/2013 4:53pm (5 years ago)

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