Assault Charges Loom for Taser-death Police in NSW

Posted by Barbara Etter APM on 18 December 2013 | 0 Comments

The Weekend Australian 14-15 December 2013 reported that four of the NSW Police officers who were involved in a "melee" with a Brazilian student in the minutes before he died will likely face criminal assault charges over their role in the bungled arrest. See

The article reports that Roberto Laudisio Curti, 21, was affected by drugs and running scared through the Sydney CBD in March 2012 when 11 police officers chased the student, tackled him to the ground and discharged tasers 14 times and 2 1/2 cans of capsicum spray on him.

The NSW Police Integrity Commission investigated and has now been advised by the DPP that there is enough evidence to press charges against some of them.

The Coroner previously found the behaviour of some of the officers to be "reckless, careless, dangerous and excessively forceful". She found that there was an abuse of police powers and that the behaviour in some instances was "thuggish".

See my previous, numerous blog postings on this case. (Use the search facility at the top right hand side of the webpage with, for example, "Curti").


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