Attendance at ECU Innocence Project Meeting last night in Perth, WA

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Last night attended a weekly Innocence Project meeting at Edith Cowan University (ECU) Joondalup campus in my capacity as Adjunct Professor with the School of Law and Justice at the University. Was very interested to meet the students undertaking the Project as well as the Uni staff involved. The meeting was also attended by a high profile local criminal lawyer who provided advice and guidance to the students.  A number of presentations were made on some current cases including a well known case in WA which has already seen a petition presented, with no success, to the WA A-G. I was very interested to hear about the project protcols and procedures and the fact that they were also taking on interstate cases. Students from psychology, law and criminology currently participate in the Project.  I was happy to ask questions following the presentations and provide some suggestions on lines of inquiry. It seems that getting timely access to necessary records, such as police investigation files, is challenging - no real surprises there.

We really do need Innocence Projects of this type in each State and Territory. The only active Innoncence Projects in Australia at the present time are at ECU in Perth and at Griffith University in Queensland. Flinders University, whilst not having an Innocence Project, apparently offers specific courses on Miscarriages of Justice. It would be great if such projects could be established and supported (and coordinated) throughout Australasia.

Really looking forward to the Miscarriage of Justice conference in Adelaide organised by Flinders University from 7 to 8 November 2014.

Also took the opportunity to network whilst in Perth with some key players in the Miscarriage of Justice area. Certainly flagged the further right to appeal development in Tasmania and raised the national profile of the Sue Neill-Fraser case.


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  • I had no idea, that the innocence project was available. I am now hopeful and will be contacting services as soon as I can, with regard to a legal matter that has affected my family adversely. I do hope that we can get some justice through the innocence project.

    Posted by Hannah Harris, 18/11/2017 1:15pm (5 months ago)

  • Any chance Law Faculty or other depts at UTAS might do this?

    Posted by Amanda, 30/09/2014 10:09am (4 years ago)

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