Final Submission from Dr Bob Moles and Ms Bibi Sangha on the Draft Further Right to Appeal Legislation in Tasmania

Posted by Barbara Etter on 20 April 2015 | 0 Comments

The final submission from Dr Bob Moles of Networked Knowlege and Ms Bibi Sangha of Flinders University can be found here:  Both have researched this and related issues,have co-authored relevant books/texts and have also published extensively in highly regarded legal journals. Dr Moles and Ms Sangha are not only able to speak from a valuable national and international perspective, they are based in SA and have followed the highly relevant Henry Keogh murder conviction case very closely over many years. They also gave evidence to the SA Legislative Review Committee which made the recommendations leading to the introduction of the further right to appeal provision in that jurisdiction.

I am also currently working on a detailed submission for consideration by the Department of Justice and the Attorney-General.

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