Lectures in Perth on Miscarriages of Justice

Posted by Barbara Etter APM on 16 September 2014 | 1 Comments

My two hour public lecture at Edith Cowan University yesterday was well attended with around 150 persons. Good to see so many "blue shirts" in the audience. Quite a few familiar faces from my WAPOL days. The talk seemed to have been well received given feedback post the event. Was really good to speak to and meet the School of Law and Justice staff as well.

Tomorrow night I am meeting for 2 hours with the ECU Innocence Project students who are going to do presentations on various cases that they are currently tackling. They are seeking my views on lines of investigation and ways in which to access much needed information.

ECU is now accepting cases from outside of WA which is wonderful news. Still think it would be a great idea to have an Innocence Project in each state of Australia, coordinated by a central body.  More importantly, we so badly need a Criminal Cases Review Commission as in the UK. The challenges in rectifying a Miscarriage of Justice are indeed formidable.

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  • Barbara, hopefully you will post a summary of your lecture?

    Posted by Geraldine Allan, 17/09/2014 9:21am (4 years ago)

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