BEtter Consulting offers professional and specialised legal/consultancy services in a number of key areas, including:

1. Review of complex criminal investigations, prosecutions, inquiries or coronial matters (including those involving forensic evidence) on behalf of lawyers or those people charged or convicted of criminal offences or the subject of inquiry. Such review may lead to, inter alia, the identification of any gaps or deficiencies and possible leads for further investigation;

2. Critical Incident Reviews of matters such as police shootings, fatal police pursuits, use of force incidents, deaths in custody etc.(or the external review thereof);

3. Complaint handling advice to assist persons to best use the assistance of such organisations such as Anti-Corruption Agencies (ACA’s);

4. Presentations or keynote addresses to conferences and forums, and the facilitation of expert panels, particularly on issues such as integrity, ethics, ethical leadership and miscarriages of justice in Australia to date;

5. Training and education including focused workshops on ethics, values, integrity and ethical leadership;

6. Advice to corporations and government agencies on:

Strategies to enhance ethical health and “institutionalise” organisational values and ethical behaviour eg. Development or review of Codes of Conduct; strategies to deal appropriately with misconduct and complaint handling; strategies on corruption and misconduct prevention.

7. Analysis of major public reports or publications on behalf of the media or other organisations eg. Major investigative report or annual report from an ACA

8. Provision of media comment or items for publication on appropriate issues.

Potential customers of BEtter Consulting include:

• Other lawyers;
• Individuals;
• Conference organisers/event managers;
• Government agencies;
• Corporations;
• Police unions/associations;
• Media

Confidentiality and security of information will be given absolute priority and the scope of any project will be settled prior to undertaking any work, wherever possible.

Please feel free to contact us for a free initial consultation of up to one half hour.

Normal "office" hours are from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.